The first transparent ad fraud reporting system available free to brands and marketers as a beta testing program.

“Fraud hurts everyone in the industry. We believe programmatic media should be fully transparent, from cost transparency through to fully understanding the nature of fraudulent activity within your advertising partners.” Deep Katyal, CEO Advangelists

Originally designed as a proprietary Advangelists platform feature, AdCop™ monitors for programmatic fraud post bid impression. If AdCop™ suspects fraud, the Advangelists platform renders a blank page instead of an advertiser’s advertisement as a brand safety measure.

Historically, advertisers seeking to protect themselves would need to blacklist app publishers and web sites with even minor levels of fraud. Removing these apps and web sites would inevitably hinder the size and scale of the advertiser’s audiences. With AdCop™, a brand can continue to achieve campaign scale, but is inherently protected from having their ad display on a fraudulent site, or adjacent to unknown or unwanted content.

Beta Participants Receive:

  • Impression level fraud monitoring
  • AdCop Dashboard access
  • Routine email updates on beta program performance and industry fraud insights

Cost: Free to participate

Requirements: Monitoring requires simple deployment of a pixel based java script embedded within the ad creative

We believe so strongly in our product, that we are offering AdCop™ as a service to the Industry. Advertisers who register do not need to be customers of Advangelists or purchase media through our platform. We provide impression level monitoring and insights up to 100

Read the initial beta observations: Fraud Lurks Below the Floor