Business Challenge:

A small-medium sized ad agency struggled to provide media buying services for their clients.

Maintaining a complex programmatic tech stack with an agile team at low cost was near impossible.

Campaign performance suffered as the ad operations team fought a daily battle with data providers, ad tech vendors, and publisher networks to work seamlessly together.

Audience match rates and consistent data integrity was a constant problem.  Problems became compounded when a new technology or feature was deployed; or worse, when a key vendor failed or declared bankruptcy.

Talent costs being their largest expense, hiring more people with the skills to build and maintain a robust tech stack was not a profitable solution.


Using Advangelists, the agency was able to re-organize their team of strategic media planners and effectively turn their media department into the profitable engine they knew it could be.

Download the full PDF case study to see how the Agency restructured around Advangelists to improve operating efficiency, reduce costs over 30%, and scale their business.

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