WE BELIEVE an effective campaign reaches audiences not advertising impression counts.

Building Audiences

We examine over 36 different data points prior to each impression served, and leverage thousands of additional audience data characteristics to create a knowledge graph of audience insights.  If the desired target audience matches these audiences, our artificial intelligence identifies a confidence interval and dynamically bids up/down to improve campaign performance.

Thousands of pre-defined audiences are available within the Advangelists platform, leveraging proprietary first- and third-party data overlays.

Personalized audiences can also be created by combine multiple data sets to build robust audience segments unique to the advertiser or campaign.  OR an advertiser can leverage their own CRM/audience data using Clickagy, Throttle.io, Live Ramp or other data onboarding platforms and direct API’s to map their private audiences into the Advangelists ad tech operating system.

Sample Audiences Categories:

  • Retail shoppers by brand. (eg. Walmart, Kroger, Best Buy shoppers)
  • Frequent QSR visitors (eg. Burger King, Subway, Chick-fil-a, YUM brands)
  • Political Affiliations (eg. Voting Districts, PTA affiliations, Campaign events, and more)
  • Chief Household Officer (eg. Visits schools, pharmacies, and resides in household with children)
  • DIY & Contractors (eg. Frequent Home Depot, Lowes, Tru-Value Hardware shoppers)
  • In-Market Auto Shoppers (by brand and auto type)
  • Sports fans (golfers, skiers, stadium visitors, etc.)
  • Outdoors enthusiasts (hikers, campers, Cabela’s/outdoor retail shoppers…)
  • Boating and Sailing enthusiasts (frequents marinas and/or boat shows)
  • Music and Concerts (by genre, frequency or festival type)
  • Travelers (Business or Pleasure based on frequency of travel)
  • 1000’s of additional audiences available

Data Types:

Location Mobiquity Networks Over 5.5Million National, Regional, and local retail and recreational locations pre-mapped Target historical and current visitors to known locations, defining lifestyle and shopping audiences by the places they go; conquest frequent shoppers to ‘the competition’
Contextual Publisher/App Articles about given topics or titles that align to lifestyle segments Place ads adjacent to content that aligns with product or brand messaging
Behavioral Historical Advangelists Data Prior exposure to ads, campaigns, known engagement with messages or frequency of exposure Storyboarding creative or alternating messages based on prior engagement
Device Advangelists Data Mobile, CTV, Web, App, iOS, Android, etc. Target video, banner, or rich media by individual device type
Retargeting Advangelists Identify audiences who have demonstrated a favorable intent via a prior marketing touch with a brand Remarket to visitors of your retail outlets or web site; extend frequency by retargeting prior impression exposure with alternate ad messages


Privacy and Data

  • No PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is every collected within the Advangelists or Mobiquity Networks data sets.
  • Data from advertiser CRM systems or marketing databases are uploaded via third-party integrations or API’s; hashed in a manner that keeps their identity private and secure.


Priced to improve advertiser ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), all data costs are provided as pass-thru from the source within the Advangelists media buying platform.  Pricing is transparent so you can understand and measure the value of various data types, creating robust test-n-learn scenarios for identifying best performing audience segments.