Real World Location Attribution

Identify in-store, brick-n-mortar visitation (footfall) as a result of exposure to digital advertising.

Action Oriented Benefits

Integrated digital footfall reporting, results is actionable real-time measurement of physical campaign performance that eliminates delays and enables an advertiser to make smarter, faster spending decisions.

Why does this matter?

Third party digital footfall solutions require several weeks of in-flight media followed by 2-3 weeks of data analysis by an outside vendor to generate a report on in-store campaign success. Prior to AdTribute, Advertisers could not make actionable changes or campaign optimizations until a later date.

When combined with web site visitation, Advangelists’ AdTribute feature provides a holistic view of an advertiser’s ability to influence both digital and physical store visitation in one platform. This solution has immediate applications in a wide range of end use advertising segments, including brick-and-mortar advertisers, restaurants, travel destinations, event and entertainment marketers, and flash sales.


AdTribute uses a control-exposed methodology, identifying advertising impression views and subsequent lift in physical brick-n-mortar visitation as a result of campaign exposure.  Additional measures include time between ad exposure and subsequent visitation to the store. The feature further identifies when statistical significance is achieved, allowing marketers to confidently optimize their media campaigns.