Advertising should perform with pin point precision.

We are the leading self service programmatic micro audience targeting platform. Advangelists campaigns perform 30% better at a fraction of the cost of premium platforms.

Quickly and easily buy advertising media across premium partners including mobile, web, in-app, video and more.


Audience Targeting

  • 400+ Pre-defined audiences
  • Lifestyle and behavior targeting
  • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, CTV
  • Device Graph reach extension
  • 3rd Party audience data support
Data Management Platform integration creates precision audiences with 100% match rates across the entire ATOS suite of tools; BYOD options available
Avails Engine Calculates available impressions and potential response based on predictive models
Supply Side Platform

  • Connect to over 40,000 pubs/apps
  • Identify your own PMP partners
  • Blacklist and whitelist
  • ADCOP™ Fraud Protection
Demand Side Platform Provides overarching visibility into creation, planning, operations, cost and performance of media investment

  • 24×7 customer service Self serve portal or Managed Service
  • Support for all rich media creator ad tags
  • Supports Ads.TXT and 3rd party auditing
  • No hidden costs
Integrated fraud protection and brand safety keeps your ads off unwanted pages and confirms ads are delivered to the appropriate publisher
Impression level audience insights and dashboard go deeper than any other reporting platform on the market
The most real-time reporting platform available, access performance measures with delays of only 0.4 seconds
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence power campaign and audience optimization, delivering stronger performance and 2-4x CTR’s
Thousands of publishers and RTB inventory create scaled campaigns that reach audiences; or create PMP sources with your own defined media supply partners
Over 200 advertisers and agencies leverage the Advangelists platform. Available white label and in-house media buying solutions
Advangelists uses Mobiquity Technologies advanced Location database and attribution. 5.5Million points of interest, including 4000+ retail chain locations both inform audience behavior and provide in-store digital marketing opportunities.
ADCop™ Publisher deploys brand safety and fraud protection at two layers within the platform

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WE BELIEVE advertising should be an amalgamation of great features, great functionality, and have all the tools you need for media buying in one single platform.

Designed to provide full-featured functionality without compromising data integrity, speed, or service, Advangelists is the platform of choice for in-house media buyers and agencies.