Unified auctions powered by Artificial Intelligence improve CPM’s and increase yield across all sales channels, direct and programmatic simultaneously.

Empowering sales teams to take back control through in-house programmatic media sales, enables publishers to increase their share of revenue.

Advangelists is an advanced publisher yield management technology operating across direct and programmatic media sales channels. Advangelists’ machine learning and AI seeks to identify highest revenue opportunities, isolate advertiser fraud, and increase operational efficiencies.


  • Advangelists is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model controlled and operated by the Publisher’s Programmatic Ad Ops team
  • Contracted and preferred demand (and supply) side partners are connected through the Advangelists’ operating system
  • Advangelists’ machine learning and AI seeks to identify highest revenue opportunities (yield management)
  • Every impression served is evaluated against potential audiences and advertisers; demand partners are prioritized accordingly, essentially eliminating the ‘waterfall’ strategy


The current ecosystem favors advertisers, brands and middlemen.  It was built to maximize their AdSpend and performance, with limited transparency and control.  >70% of sales are blind and AdTech tax is prevalent at every step of the journey


  • Maximize Yield – Always achieve the highest possible value for the impression at hand
  • Control – Relationships with end buyers, establish floor strategy, own data
  • Transparency – Visibility into who is purchasing and through which channels
  • First Party Data Ownership – Leverage new GDPR and CCPA privacy laws to maximize value at granular impression level
  • Eliminate advertiser fraud – monitor impressions to safeguard your properties
  • Offer More Value – Enable re-targeting where others can not

If you’d like to request a demo of the Advangelists’ publisher unified Ad Tech Operating System, please contact Sales@advangelists.com .

We respond within 1 business day, usually same day/sooner.