Client: Regional Tier-3 Auto Dealership (Arizona)

Problem: Clearly Demonstrate ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) in an a brick-n-mortar location with less than 50 shoppers per day on average.

Challenge: How to identify an increase in showroom visits and test drives based on exposure to digital ad campaigns with small in-store footfall

Goal: Significantly reduce the cost of a lead (showroom visit) below the $500/test drive ceiling.

Flight: 1 week (7 days)

Solution: Advangelists leveraged Mobiquity Networks location based data to identify and surround audiences with sales messages. And subsequently monitored store visitation against known phones/devices that had been exposed to the campaign.

Result: Within a 7 day flight, and minimal highly targeted ad messaging, Advangelists identified a 10% lift in dealership visitation, at just $50/visit… 90% below the $500 target.


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  • Toronto, Canada
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