Here’s what we’ve been working on this month…

(All features are now live within the Advangelists platform.)

Publisher UI Updates & beta support for Advangelists’ SDK v2.0

Newsletter article #1If you are using the Beta version of the Advangelists v2.0 SDK, you will now have the ability to customize how your ads are displayed.

Additionally, for those users with hawk eyes, yes – our Publisher UI has been updated to use the tab-based interface as well. This ought to make managing Publishers way easier!

Updated Deal Management UINewsletter article #1

Managing deals just got a whole lot easier as well – All of our Deal management pages are being overhauled to the new tab-based interface.

Bidder – RTB version specific settings now available

Newsletter article #1For all of our Power Users, you can now specify the version of oRTB that is being utilized by a specific bidder as well as control specific functionality that may be available in a given oRTB version. More power to you!

QPS Optimization and maintaining a minimum profit margin for specific Bidders

Newsletter article #1Apart from the fact that you can granularly define how our QPS optimization algorithm affects the performance of Bidders on your instance of the Advangelists’ platform, you can now specify the minimum profit margin (as a percentage) that must be taken into consideration before our system either slows down or bumps up the requests going to a specific Bidder.

Updates to AdTribute

Newsletter article #1We updated the ADtribute interface to now show individual store names so its easier to identify the specific stores you want to collect Attribute data for

Video Banners now include Companion Banners as part of the ad payload

Newsletter article #1Whether you are in our exclusive beta for the Advangelists SDK v2.0 or you want to customize your Video banner, you can now specify the Companion Ad that will be displayed in compatible Inventory.

Override incoming Publisher floors before our system wide Auction

Newsletter article #1You can now override the floors that are sent by your Publishers (in their incoming ad requests) and specify the new floors to be used for each individual ad dimension/format

Adding new Bidders just got easierNewsletter article #1

Leverage our experience integrating with DSPs from around the world by using our new Preset DSP selection option when creating bidders. This automatically sets up the correct endpoints along with the required parameters for that bidder. 1 Click bidder setup, here we come!

Easier Publisher management – introducing Publisher Groups

Newsletter article #1Ever felt like you need a better way to group Publishers into one bucket, so you can manage them easily? You now can! Easily add Publishers to your own custom Groups (think of them as Folders) so you can view reporting/settings for that entire group at once.

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