A.I. Publisher Protection

In this issue of #FeatureFriday, we are highlighting a release we announced just a few weeks back.  The new publisher protection protocols work by automatically scanning all ads that are upload into the Advangelists platform.  Machine learning algorithms identify and confirm category and content including violence, adult content, alcohol and cannabis images, headlines, and text.  Ads that do not achieve publisher guidelines for acceptable ad content are removed and flagged for human intervention and policy review. The purpose of the new ad scanning feature is to attach additional meta data to the ads, improving both customer performance and brand safety measures.

Here’s a sample of how it works:

We input the below digital ad creative… and within seconds the platform output a descriptive scan output…

Input Image:
Output Scan:


{“textScan”: {“text”: [“up to BRAND NEW cars in Oman 25 off Range Rover Infinits Mitsubishi Nissan SHOP NOW carzaty up to BRAND NEW 25f cars in Oman Infiniti Mitsubishi Range Rover carzaty Nissan SHOP NOW “], “language”: [“en”]}, “labelScan”: {“labels”: [“Land vehicle”, “Vehicle”, “Car”, “Performance car”, “Rallycross”, “Full-size car”, “Advertising”, “Family car”, “Display advertising”, “Subcompact car”]}, “logoScan”: {“logo”: []}, “webScan”: {“best_guess”: [“Car”], “entity_description”: [“Car”, “Web banner”, “B\u00e0ner”, “Digital display advertising”]}, “safeScan”: {“adult”: “VERY_UNLIKELY”, “medical”: “UNLIKELY”, “spoofed”: “VERY_UNLIKELY”, “violence”: “UNLIKELY”, “racy”: “VERY_UNLIKELY”}}

Of course getting a banner ad to register car images and logos is easy… so to put this through the test, we used a print ad for a Cannabis brand…

Input Image:

Output Scan:


{“textScan”: {“text”: [“Indica lan chose an indica cannabis Dg strain to relieve his MS symptoms. Diamond OG Sativa While fighting cancer, Jg Molly preferred a sativa cannabis. Jean Guy JUST SAY KNOW Congratulations on the Compassionate Care Act, NY! The first step in benefitting from cannabis is making informed choices. From learning about the right products and strains for you, to finding trusted clinics and dispensaries nearby, we’ll be here to help. Leafly LEAFLY.COM/NY #justsayknow The World’s Cannabis Information Resource a Privateer Holdings company “], “language”: [“en”]}, “labelScan”: {“labels”: [“Poster”, “Fashion”, “Advertising”, “Street fashion”]}, “logoScan”: {“logo”: []}, “webScan”: {“best_guess”: [], “entity_description”: [“Leafly”, “Cy Scott”, “Leafly Holdings, Inc.”]}, “safeScan”: {“adult”: “VERY_UNLIKELY”, “medical”: “POSSIBLE”, “spoofed”: “UNLIKELY”, “violence”: “VERY_UNLIKELY”, “racy”: “UNLIKELY”}}

You can see the scan above correctly identified the brand, URL, images and Cannabis category.  And using machine learning, also highlighted this as a possible medical ad given the mention of ailments and NY medical jurisdiction.

Why does it matter?

OK… sure this is a back-end feature. But as we are seeing an increase in small hyper-local, micro audience targeting brands using the platform is does become increasingly important that we categorize the brand creative with the appropriate IAB meta data for better performance, and to allow us to monitor traffic across our network of publishers and exchanges.

WE BELIEVE… It’s all about brand and publisher safety in a programmatic media environment built for smaller brands, agencies, and hyper local campaigns.

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